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Welcome to our website. Here we will provide information on who we are, what we stand for, and who the groups are that falsely disparage us.  Shining a light on the truth that the media hides, and revealing their gaslighting, is what you will find here. We, Proud Boys, are husbands, fathers, doctors, farmworkers, and everything in between. Our members are black, white, Asian, Hispanic, and Native American. We have members who are gay and members who are straight. The biggest lie (among many) you will hear from the left is that we are violent white supremacists. This is far from the truth for we are neither. The reason that we are so attacked and vilified is that we represent what the left fears the most: a unified group of freedom-loving people across the globe who, though desiring peace, will not back down from tyrants and bullies. We are the everyday man on the street; we are just like you. Please read our tenets and FAQ to learn more about us, and please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you wish to directly communicate. Thank you for visiting

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Learn what Proud Boys truly stand for. These are the 12 tenets that every true Proud Boy lives by.

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