Playboy The Beast

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Playboy The Beast is a conservative recording artist. PTB was arrested by the FBI for being present in Washington DC on January 6th and served 6 months in a medium/max federal prison in Florence Colorado for a non-violent misdemeanor.xHis lyrics/music were used against him in sentencing to give him a harsher sentence.

PTB is not your typical conservative artist. He came from a life of crime, gangs, drug/alcohol addiction, and spent most of his life in and out of prison, but overcame all of those things and now his main priority is his kids/family, and reaching people with his music and trying to make a difference. He has been banned/censored on all major social media platforms including a verified FB artist page with 200k fans for simply being a conservative artist and his political affiliations.

But, he has still managed to make a name for himself. Playboy The Beast brings a different perspective to the conservative rap movement and is a very versatile artist. PTB is an OG within the underground rap scene as well which is where he developed his skills, flow, and lyrical ability.

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