Why do you cover your faces?

The media and the rest of the far-left only survive by attacking those who stand up for freedom. The Proud Boys will always stand up for freedom. We also protect others who stand up for freedom and are often asked to serve as a defensive line for prayer vigils and other peaceful groups who know they will be attacked by militant Antifa and BLM racist thugs. Thus, the media and the radical left work tirelessly to dox our members and try to get them fired, threaten their families, and try to de-person them. That we have to cover our faces is a sad sign of the state of our country.

I heard you are a violent gang

False. First, we are not a gang. We are a fraternity. Second, we do not endorse violence or initiate violent encounters. However, we will also not back down from them either. The most common situation you will see are militant Antifa or BLM racists attacking Proud Boys or innocent bystanders. When either of those happens, we absolutely will defend ourselves or those around us who are innocent. Typically this is caught on video and only the part where Proud Boys are defending themselves is shown This is why you do not see what happens BEFORE that because it destroys the false narrative. Next time you see a video of a Proud Boy supposedly being an aggressor, notice that the video before that part is missing. Now you know why.

Your Proud Boys Tenets say you want to close the border. Are you anti-immigrant?

This is a two-part question.

First, what our fourth tenet says is “Closed Borders.” Specifically, we want our borders closed so entry into the country is controlled. We do not believe in a borderless country because that means we have no country.

Second, we are not anti-immigrant, we are pro-legal immigration. This is obvious for many reasons. A huge number of Proud Boys are immigrants or descendants of immigrants. Additionally, many Proud Boys are married to immigrants. The Proud Boy who manages this website, for example, has a wife who is a legal immigrant. Consequently, his children are only half-white (see our seventh tenet Anti-Racism).

In reality, the vast majority of legal immigrants also agree with this stance; when you spend time and money to follow laws, you don’t support others getting rewarded for breaking those same laws.


How long does it take to become a Proud Boy

Not everyone who wants to become a Proud Boy will be accepted. There is an extensive vetting process and while there is no “timeframe”, vetting can take more than a year.

Who are your leaders?

All Proud Boys chapters are autonomous. We do not have national, regional, or any other centralized leadership. When the Proud Boys first began, there were centralized leaders, but this has not been the case for many years. Read this article to learn more details about this topic.

You are all white supremacists

That’s completely false and a common lie spread by those who oppose freedom. There are Proud Boys who are black, white, Asian, Hispanic, straight, and gay. Please refer to our tenets regarding our strong stance against racism. Anyone you see who is wearing Proud Boys attire and promoting racism is not a true Proud Boy.

I heard “Western Chauvinist” just means racists

That’s a commonly heard lie. First, recall our seventh tenet “Anti Racism.” Being a western chauvinist is not about race, it is about an idea. For an excellent and simple explanation of what it means to be a western chauvinist, please read this article. It will quickly dispel this lie and you will not be fooled going forward.