Western Chauvinism

What is a “Western Chauvinist”?

During the Napoleonic Wars, a French soldier named Nicolas Chauvin was said to have served in the Army of the French Republic. Some historians believe he was more of a legend than a man in the flesh. As the story goes, Nicolas Chauvin was wounded seventeen times and horribly disfigured, yet maintained a fanatical zeal for Napoleon’s cause until the day he diedAggressive and unwavering beliefs in a nation, cause, or idea came to be known as “Chauvinism” and the birth of “Western Chauvinist”

Every Proud Boy takes the same oath before officially joining the fraternity: “I am a western chauvinist who refuses to apologize for creating the modern world.”

We zealously and unapologetically believe that western civilization is the greatest civilization in the history of mankind. Western civilization is exemplified by free market capitalism, representative forms of government, individual freedoms, equal treatment under the rule of law, private property ownership, scientific innovation and a moral code derived from Christian principles. No other system of values and governance has increased the quality of life for more people than western civilization. No other civilization comes close.

Western civilization has led the world through scientific innovation, exploration, and the institutionalization of representative governments. The invention of steam and internal combustion engines, electric power and lighting, the atomic bomb and nuclear power, the telegraph, telephones, radio, television, satellites, cellular phones, the internet, bicycles, locomotives, automobiles, airplanes, eyeglasses, telescopes, microscopes, antibiotics, and the eradication of smallpox are all direct results of the creative potential unleashed by the west. Western civilization was the first to circumnavigate the earth and land robots on Mars. The Magna Carta and the US Constitution were both authored in the west. Democracy itself originated in the west circa 508 B.C.

Is western civilization evil? Absolutely not. Every civilization has dark chapters of its history. While western nations did practice slavery and colonialism, they were also the first to abolish these practices. Slavery does not exist in the western world, but can still be found in non-western countries. Former western colonies have achieved independence, self-governance, and stable economies.

Korean Peninsula and Hispaniola

Is western civilization “white civilization”, “Anglo civilization” or “European civilization”? Absolutely not. While western civilization began in Europe it works everywhere it’s tried and every time it’s tried, regardless of race. Many geographical areas with similar demographics but differing civil philosophies stand as prime examples of this phenomenon. 

The Korean peninsula encompasses two nations of the same ethnicity. North Korea rejected western civilization and adopted communism. Their country is marred by totalitarian regimes, poverty, and a poor economy. South Korea embraced western civilization and boasts a stable economy and high quality of life.


Haiti is the poorest
country in the Western Hemisphere and corrected for differences in purchasing power, an average
person of the Dominican Republic is nearly nine times richer than an average person in Haiti.

The same effect can be seen on the island of Hispaniola, which is shared by the countries of the Dominican Republic and Haiti. The Dominican Republic is a tourist destination ranking 88th on the human development index while Haiti is a third world country ranking 170th. Same island, two radically different outcomes. Neither of these nations are ethnically European countries. They embraced western civilization while their neighbors of similar culture and demographics did not. 

The results speak for themselves. Western civilization isn’t a race, it’s an idea.

We are proud western chauvinists.

If you are a man, agree with our 12 tenets, and are interested in joining a fraternity with like minded men, apply to become a Proud Boy.


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