Biden Tells Graduates: “The most dangerous terrorist threat to our homeland is white supremacy”

During his commencement speech at historically black Howard University, Joe Biden did not encourage graduates to break the cycle of systemic oppression that the Democrat party has over a large portion of the black community. He did not tell them that the US has the highest rate of single-parent households in the world, how welfare encourages single motherhood, that more than 50% of black youth are growing up in a fatherless household, and that growing up in a fatherless home increases a child’s likelihood of dropping out of school, going to prison, getting pregnant as a teen, and living in poverty.

Instead, Biden told them “The most dangerous terrorist threat to our homeland is white supremacy.” This far-left extremist propaganda is constantly echoed by legacy media. They claim that conservatives are white supremacists, math promotes white supremacy culture, and even blacks killing blacks is because of white supremacy. A simple web search of “[anything] is racist” will almost always result in that thing being racist and linked to white supremacy (even water).

Two of our Proud Boys tenets are “Anti-Racism” and “Anti-Racial Guilt.” Proud Boys oppose racism but we will also not kowtow to the left’s onslaught of telling white people they should feel guilty simply for existing. Proud Boys also hold each other accountable as fathers and will not tolerate one of our own ever being abusive or disrespectful to their wife, girlfriend, or children. We understand the importance of a strong family and work hard to be good fathers, sons, husbands, and dads.

If the politicians on the left would spend less time trying to keep people divided by stirring up hate and spreading propaganda, their voter base would realize how the people they elect keep them oppressed and would vote them out of office. And that is exactly why Democrat politicians will keep up the lies about racism.

If you are a man, agree with our 12 tenets, and are interested in joining a fraternity with like minded men, apply to become a Proud Boy.

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