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Next Time They Tell You It’s A ‘Family Friendly’ Drag Show…

As the left tries to gaslight you and claim people want to ban drag shows, don’t let them fool you. It is not the drag shows that people are protesting, it is the bringing of children to them that is being protested.

The sexualization of children at an early age is intended to normalize this behavior for them. Any participation in this abuse of children is nothing more than being engaged in pedophilia. The next time you hear “family-friendly drag show”, just remember the images below. We have not included those that are pornographic but unfortunately, there are far too many of them out in the open.

If you are a man, agree with our 12 tenets, are tired of the attacks on children and are interested in joining a fraternity with like minded men, apply to become a Proud Boy

pedo reading to little kids
Groomer Pedo
drag show for kids

UPDATE: If You’re A Man But Not Gay, You’re Transphobic.

Groomer Frankie de la Cretaz has some harsh words for you straight men. Listen to what he has to say, and be sure to say it with him.

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