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Eric Adams’ Sanctuary City Policies: An Unmitigated Disaster for New York

Mayor DeBlasio and other Marxist mayors across the country declared their cities to be “sanctuary cities,” refusing to abide by federal immigration laws and welcoming illegals and asylum seekers to spite President Trump – but this move is now coming back to haunt New York.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams has been a vocal critic of the Republican party’s handling of the migrant crisis, particularly targeting Governors Ron DeSantis of Florida and Greg Abbott of Texas. However, recent developments have raised questions about the effectiveness and consistency of his own policies, leading some to label him a hypocrite.

Adams has been outspoken in his criticism of the Republican governors’ policy of busing immigrants to Democrat-led cities, including New York City. At the time, may were asking if Mayor Eric Adams really played the race card when calling out Greg Abbot for sending illegals to NY? He did.

In fact, he directly accused Abbott of racism for sending illegal aliens to sanctuary cities that claimed they would accept them, specifically targeting cities run by Black mayors, and condemned both governors for what he described as a political stunt. Yet, in a move that has drawn criticism from both sides of the political aisle, Adams himself has implemented a similar policy, busing immigrants to counties outside New York City. By his own standards, Eric Adams is a racist.

This policy has not only sparked controversy but also highlighted the challenges faced by the city in managing the influx of asylum seekers. Since last spring, more than 78,700 asylum seekers have arrived in New York City, with 48,700 of them still in the city’s social support system. To accommodate this influx of asylum seekers and illegal immigrants, the Adams administration has opened 174 new sites, including emergency shelters and intake centers, and claims his migrant crisis has cost the city $12 billion.

Despite these efforts, the city’s resources are stretched thin, and Adams has called for coordination with the federal government and Republican governors over the busing and flying of immigrants to the city. He has argued that New York City’s system is nearing its breaking point and that the city has been managing the flow and influx of asylum seekers without help from state or federal officials.

However, Adams’ decision to bus immigrants to other counties has been met with resistance. Orange County Executive Steve Neuhaus and Rockland County Executive Ed Day have both declared states of emergency to try to block the city’s plan. They argue that the plan would shift the cost of housing, food, and healthcare for the immigrants onto their counties and municipalities.

In response to these criticisms, Adams’ administration has defended its actions, arguing that all immigrants who have been resettled did so by choice. They insist that they are not coercing people to leave, suggesting or recommending locations, or presenting any kind of false choice. Instead, they claim to be helping people reconnect with loved ones or communities.

However, this defense does little to address the underlying issue: the city’s struggle to manage the influx of asylum seekers. Despite the city’s efforts to provide shelter and support, the sheer number of immigrants is overwhelming its resources. This situation is further complicated by the impending expiration of the Trump-era Title 42 border policy, which is expected to result in an increase in immigrants trying to cross the southern border.

While Mayor Adams’ rhetoric on asylum-seekers has been critical of Republicans, his own policies mirror those he has criticized. His decision to bus immigrants to other counties, while facing a crisis in his own city, raises questions about the effectiveness of his sanctuary city policy and proves him to be a hypocrite. It also highlights the need to secure our borders like all civilized countries. The Proud Boys’ fifth tenet is “Closed Borders.” By this, we do not mean to seal ourselves off from the rest of the world. We mean that our borders should be secured and closed to those who do not enter legally. My own wife is a legal immigrant, and many of my Brothers are either legal immigrants or have wives who are legal immigrants. It is the unlawful immigration and open border policies of the Marxist left that we oppose. If you agree with our tenets and are interested in applying to become a Proud Boy, reach out to us here.

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