Your Proud Boys Tenets say you want to close the border. Are you anti-immigrant?

This is a two-part question.

First, what our fourth tenet says is “Closed Borders.” Specifically, we want our borders closed so entry into the country is controlled. We do not believe in a borderless country because that means we have no country.

Second, we are not anti-immigrant, we are pro-legal immigration. This is obvious for many reasons. A huge number of Proud Boys are immigrants or descendants of immigrants. Additionally, many Proud Boys are married to immigrants. The Proud Boy who manages this website, for example, has a wife who is a legal immigrant. Consequently, his children are only half-white (see our seventh tenet Anti-Racism).

In reality, the vast majority of legal immigrants also agree with this stance; when you spend time and money to follow laws, you don’t support others getting rewarded for breaking those same laws.