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The Maidan Massacre: False Flag Foundations of the Russo-Ukrainian War

The Maidan killings in Kyiv are an event you have probably never heard of. While media and political figures spared no expense to convince you that Ukrainian history began with the Russian invasion of 2022, the history of Ukraine and this current conflict began long before Russian troops entered the Donbas region.

In 2014 Viktor Yanukovych, then the President of Ukraine refused to go forward with bringing Ukraine into the European Union. This was seen as a pro-Russian stance. Historically, western Ukraine harbors pro-European loyalties while eastern Ukraine is pro-Russian. Russian is spoken in the eastern quarter of the country while Ukrainian is spoken in the rest.

After their president’s refusal to go forward with joining the EU, pro-European protestors flooded the capital of Kyiv. On February 20th, 2014 at least 50 of these protestors were killed, allegedly by Yanukovych’s pro-Russian administration. The resulting turmoil saw the resignation of President Viktor Yanukovych and the rise to power of Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the current president of Ukraine.

Arrests of Scapegoats

 In April 2014, Ukrainian prosecutors arrested three suspected shooters who were members of the riot police on the scene that day. Dmytro Sadovnyk, a police tactical supervisor was accused of ordering his men to fire into the pro-European crowds. The prosecution presented evidence including a photo of Sadovnyk holding a sniper rifle with both hands on the day of the massacre.

In court, Sadovnyk removed his glove revealing a stump and missing hand. He suffered this injury from a grenade blast six years prior and was incapable of holding the rifle on the day of the massacre as pictured.

As the trials and investigations proceeded evidence came forward including videos, forensic ballistics, medical examiner’s testimonies, and the testimony of over 100 witnesses that Maidan pro-European shooters committed the massacre, not the riot police.

In short, the evidence pointed to a false flag operation that successfully overthrew the pro-Russian administration and placed Volodymyr Zelenskyy, a pro-European Union president into power.

The news of a potential false flag spread quickly. Believing their legitimate government was overthrown (possibly by forces backed by Western intelligence agencies) pro-Russian eastern Ukrainians rebelled and Ukrainian government forces engaged in open warfare against the rebels.

Weak Leadership by Oabama

Taking advantage of an Obama administration that appeared weak on foreign policy, Vladimir Putin sided with the pro-Russian rebels and began sending arms and equipment. This shortly escalated into the full-scale Russian invasion of the Crimean Peninsula in eastern Ukraine.

Fighting in the Russo-Ukrainian war has been ongoing in some capacity since 2014. Following America’s disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan, Russia again perceived a foreign policy weakness from the Biden administration and massed troops along the Ukrainian border, eventually leading to a full-scale invasion in February of 2022.

Despite overwhelming evidence of a false-flag operation acting as the catalyst that ignited this conflict eight years prior, no major Western media outlets ran a story involving this possibility.

A full presentation of facts and evidence available may have prompted Western powers to evaluate the entire circumstance more clearly and be less likely to move toward war. If a false-flag operation leading to a successful coup seems farfetched, consider that Kyiv has seen two revolutions since Ukrainian independence was granted in 1991.

The First World War also began the same way, a questionable shooting causing major global powers to side with smaller fractured nations. The obvious solution is a peaceful split between pro-Russian eastern Ukraine and pro-European western Ukraine. Instead, we continue to send more than a hundred billion of your tax dollars to the Ukrainian war effort. Neither country deserves your money. The killing must end.

After revealing his missing hand to the court, Dmytro Sadovnyk was granted release on bail. Adamantly denying that he and his men were responsible for the massacre and believing he would be targeted by the Zelenskyy administration, he fled the country. His whereabouts are unknown.

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