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Just Stop Oil Thugs Protected By Cops While Citizens Arrested

Just Stop Oil thugs are all the rage on the left lately. In this crazy, upside-down society we live in today, the Just Stop Oil asshats are only one of the numerous Marxist groups doing everything they can to destroy the lives of law-abiding people, but they are in vogue right now among Marxist groups.

They’re the thugs that sit in the middle of the road and obstruct traffic, often with their hands glued to the asphalt.

Just Stop Oil Thugs Blocking Traffic

Often, they glue themselves to the street, a door, or some other object, making it more challenging to move them out of the way so people can live their lives.

The Just Stop Oil thugs are the same anarchist shitheads who destroy priceless Van Gogh paintings, deface 200-year-old architecture, and even glue themselves to statues on college campuses.

But what they do is much more evil than meets the eye. These Just Stop Oil thug pieces of crap cost citizens untold amounts of money by completely stopping them from earning a living, getting to work, picking up their kids from school, or getting to the doctor for medical treatment as they block the road.

Just Top Oil Thugs Defacing a Van Gogh

In the video below, an everyday Honest Joe is stopped from driving down the street and stuck in a traffic jam caused by Just Top Oil thug Marxists blocking the road.

The police are standing there watching them obstruct traffic and doing nothing because it’s okay to break laws and harm people when you’re a leftist.

So, like any real man, Honest Joe gets out and pushes them to the sidewalk so he can go about his business.

That’s when the police jump into action and arrest honest Joe, so the Just Stop Oil thugs can keep blocking the roadway and stopping people from living their lives.

Way to go London!

We want to hear from you, Honest Joe. We think you would be a great addition to our fraternity and look good in a Perry!

If you are a man, agree with our 12 tenets, and are interested in joining a fraternity with like-minded men, apply to become a Proud Boy.

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